Our programs are designed according to the Ministry of Education's pedagogical foundation document,
"How Does Learning Happen?".  We recognize that every child is unique and thus they learn in different ways. We focus on the four foundations of learning; Expression, Belonging, Well-Being, and Engagement to create a cohesive and integrated learning environment.

Our Toddler programs consist of children from the ages of  18 months to 30 months .  We follow the Ministry of Education's staffing ratios of 1:5.  Children receive lunch and 2 snacks, prepared in accordance with Canada's Food Guide, are outside for a minimum of 2 hours per day, and have quiet rest times to fuel their growing bodies.

In our Toddler programs, we view children as capable and competent and our teachers provide your children with the utmost love and care.  Our toddler programs emphasize children's interests and our wonderful team of teachers encourage exploration while learning together with children.